Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm not perfect...

My Dear Friends,

I created a scrappy sin recently and I need to repent. :) I used a sketch from an AMAZINGLY talented paper crafter and I did not give her the credit she most certainly deserved.

In my post showcasing my "Too Cute To Spook" layout for Authentique, I mentioned that I used a sketch, showed the sketch and then didn't give the creator any credit. The sketch was created by a friend of mine, too, so that makes me feel EXTRA terrible. (In all honesty, I left the entire blog post unfinished as I usually write them late and night and I needed my Authentique blog post to go live so I could use the link in my blog post, but I digress...)

I'd like to take this moment to correct my wrong-doings. The sketch was created by Van Nguyen, whom I hope to craft like someday. Some people just make paper crafting look easy and Van is definitely one of those ladies. Van, thank you for inspiring me to create a layout which I love. I definitely could not have done it without your inspiration and I feel terrible that I didn't review my post before it went live. You are uber-talented and I am in awe of what you create. I am truly sorry.

Very Sincerely,


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