Monday, August 29, 2011

How did you do that??

Well, I'm glad you asked! :) I was in a crafty mood today, so I decided to put together a couple tutorials to go with what I created. You'll see how I created a twine/embellishment holder out of an old spice rack today and I'll show you how to create a floral frog tomorrow!

Let's get things started, shall we? My husband and I received this spinning spice rack as a wedding gift and it's been sitting in our basement's "garage sale" pile for about 5's been inactive for even longer than that! (I should note, in case it's not uber-obvious, that this picture was taken after I'd cleaned out the jars and peeled off the labels on the lids.)

A bunch of crafty ladies that I am friends with decided to go in on a twine steal that we saw on a deal-of-the-day site. We each got 20 yards of the 11 colors of twine offered in the steal. This is how my twine was stored when I received it.

This method of storage worked for a while...until I actually used the twine for the first time. OH MY WORD did it become a tangled mess! I decided to go to my local craft store and pick up some wooden craft sticks. This became my new method of storage:

Last night a thought popped into my head. Why don't I put that dusty spice rack to good use? I could put each of the twine sticks in their own jar and have all of the colors at my disposal, right on my craft table. Genius!

I drilled a hole in 11 of the lids and cut a portion of the craft stick off so they would fit into the jars. I put the twine sticks into their own jars, pulled the twine through the lid, screwed it on and VOILA! I have a fun, new way to store my twine!!

Since I had 5 more jars left after filling the rest with twine, I decided to fill them with small button collections that I wanted to keep together.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Remember, check back tomorrow to see how I made my own floral frog!



  1. Cristine - this is BRILLIANT!!!!! Can I be you for just a day. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. I love it. I am now kicking myself for getting rid of my spice rack!

  4. Genius!!!!! Such a great idea Cristine!!!!


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