Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Card Time!

I decided this year was the year I take a stab at making my own Christmas cards.  It always seemed like way too daunting of a task in the past, but now that I'm more comfortable making cards, I figured now was as good as ever.  For the past couple weeks, I've been making a card or two every few days.  No two cards are the same yet, so I'm still having fun creating them.  :)

I thought I'd share a couple with you throughout the month.  If I can inspire someone in even the slightest way, well then I've done my job.  :)  And some of my crafty friends may join in and show some of their creations along the way as well...double bonus!!

Let's get started!  Two of my favorite things to work with this year are kraft paper and jute twine, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of both in my Christmas cards.  Below is the first card I made this season.  It's simple yet to the point.  And it would have been better to practice with the glitter glue before I actually put it on my party foul.  Oh well.  You live, you learn, right?  

This next card was super easy and fast to make.  I think that's why I'm enjoying making these cards because they're not overly intricate or detailed, so they don't take much of my time or energy.  Something I have little of at night when I get to sit down and create. 

That's all for today!  Until next time...

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